2018 Donors

Douglas Barnard

Joann Becker*

Suzanne & Adam Bolinger

Irv & Toni Cherashore*

Joan & Alfred Decrane

Scott Diangelis

Caroline Ervin

Mary Grimm*

Pattie Hawkins

Maryellen & Don Johnston

Donald Kittell

Nancy & Roger Lynch

Donald & Mary Macrae

RM & Barry  MacTaggart

Lori & John Maddox

Griffin McClellan*

Susan & Ross McConnell

Peggy & Norman Rickard

Catherine & Thomas Royal

Lisa Sparks

Wendy Stowe

Betsy Swanhaus

Fred & Carole Taylor

Frank Tellier

Brooks & Stephen Wright

Judy & Allen Zern*


2017 Donors

Henry Barenchetta

Marion & Dick Barnard

Douglas Barnard

Millicent Carpenter

Rosalen Cline

Terry Flahrety*

Duke & Gael Habernickel*

Kimberly Johnson

Maryellen & Don Johnston

Timothy Joyce

Cha & Scot Mackie

Trish & Scott Miller

William Munn

Angelia Perry

Virginia Powers*

Megan & Chris Powers*

Eilis & Jeffrey Powers*

Blades Robinson

Jackie Savell

Barbara Tisi

Faith Victory

Donall & Jen Winters

*denotes major donors

Thank you to our contributors…

without your support swimming would not be possible for the children